privacy 🤝 rosa
We're privacy fanatics. Rosa is made by a small team that previously made Mate Translate, a privacy-conscious translator app used by 1 million humans.
We love to make good products and ask for a fair price to cover our costs transparently. We're not fans of monetisation schemes that make you the product of advertisers.
Neither are we fans of the legalese blabber. One should be able to understand a Privacy Policy without a PhD in Law.
So what do we do with your data & where does it go?
Your uploads are stored on the servers provided by Digital Ocean, a Boston, Massachusetts company, and are deleted forever after the transformation is complete.
We're using Apple Pay and Stripe for processing payments. It's the safest & fastest payment option that exists today. We don't ever get access to your card data. We just get the money, and we're more than fine with that.
Once you decide to redo yourself & place an order with Apple Pay, we store your email address that we use to shoot you the results.
If you'd like to talk to us, we're reachable on Instagram @RosaTheApp or at [email protected]
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